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Chrome Silicone Springs

The 3 most popular 1911 recoil springs are available in chrome silicone material. While chrome silicone is an excellent material, it is a softer material and does not offer the tensile strength of Wolff’s proprietary HTCS spring material (the material from which most of their springs are produced from). We offer these springs due to customer requests.

Chrome silicone steel recoil springs resist taking a set even after thousands of compression cycles for improved performance and reliability. Available in three power ratings, so you can match spring weight to your specific gun and the type of load you shoot. For .45 ACP, use Reduced Power 14 lb. spring for target loads with lighter than standard bullets or powder charges, Factory Standard 16 lb. spring for all-around reliability with the widest range of ammo, and Extra Power 18½ lb. spring for smoother cycling and less slide battering with heavy loads.

Check out all our Chrome Silicon recoil springs here.

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