EGW 1911 Sear Spring for Colt – 2 pack


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Sear Spring 1911 Colt – 2 pack

Detail A – The left side of the spring has a relief cut to allow for the spring to move without contacting or rubbing on the frame. This ensures a smoother, crisper trigger pull.

Detail B – The sear pad on the left leaf is less than 1/2 the size and weight than other sear springs, thus reducing the weight for recoil or inertia to act upon.

Detail C – The center and right side leaves are 5% narrower to reduce weight and increase feel.

Detail D – The disconnector pad on the center leaf is smaller than other sear springs to reduce weight, while still retaining the standard contact.
Please Note – They do not glass bead or sandblast the sears after heat treat. The heat treating process leaves the springs with a spotty finish. This is not rust and does not affect performance in any way.

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