HGW & Wolff 1911 Tune-Up 45 Auto Spring Kit Factory 16lb Recoil Sear & Firing Pin Springs


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Hooper Gun Works is pleased to offer this basic spring set for the 1911. The purpose of this set is to allow for a low cost “tune-up” of a 1911. Perfect for new builds or restoration projects alike this set is compatible with all 45 ACP, 9mm, and 38 super 5″ 1911 models of common make. There is probably some custom $3k 5″ 1911 that may use different parts but for the Rock Island Armory, Kimber, Springfield, or Caspian builds out there this will work nicely. Below is a description of the parts that you will receive in the packaging as pictured.

  • 1 Wolff 16lb recoil spring for full length (5″) slides (factory standard) 41916 – May be used with either full length or standard guide rods
  • 1 Wolff Extra Power Firing Pin Spring – Prevents “firing pin float”
  • 1 Hooper Gun Works (HGW) Sear Spring – A finished sear spring tends to reduce the chances of rust over lower cost OEM unfinished springs

Colt 1911 Factory Recoil Spring Notes:

  • Factory rating for .38 Super & 9mm is 14lbs
  • Factory rating in .40 S&W is 19lbs
  • Factory rating for the Colt .38 Spl. Midrange is 14lbs
  • Factory rating for the Colt Ace .22 conversion is 14lbs

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