KIMBER 1911 Factory Skeletonized Hammer Set #4100120


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KIMBER 1911 Factory Skeletonized Hammer Set  #4100120

Kimber 1911 Skeletonized Hammer Set. Made to the highest Kimber standards, this factory original Kimber part is the perfect replacement for your original worn parts or to keep as a spare.

Only rely on genuine Kimber parts and accessories for your Kimber firearm.

Kimber 1911 Hammer set. Hammer features a skeletonized spur with ground sides.

Both parts are perfectly ground for a crisp trigger pull.

*Hammer strut not included*

Note: It is recommended that all Kimber parts be installed by a qualified gunsmith.

We are a Kimber Authorized Dealer, and can help you with any parts that you might need for Kimber.

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