KIMBER Factory 3-inch Ultra Carry Recoil Spring Assembly 9mm #4000466


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KIMBER Factory 3-inch Kimber Ultra Carry Models  Recoil Spring Assembly 9mm #4000466

Take the steps to properly maintain your firearm!

Kimber Ultra, Recoil Spring Assembly 9mm.

Made to the highest Kimber standards, this factory original Kimber part is the perfect replacement for your original worn parts or to keep as a spare.

Only rely on genuine Kimber parts and accessories for your Kimber firearm. Maintain your firearm.

Complete drop-in replacement recoil spring assembly for Ultra Carry models in 9mm.

Includes: Recoil Spring, Recoil Spring Plug and Guide Rod

Note: It is recommended that all Kimber parts be installed by a qualified gunsmith.

We are a Kimber Authorized Dealer, and can help you with any parts that you might need for Kimber.

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