Lightening cut slide for Glock 34, G34 – HGW Titan, USA Made 17-4ph Stainless Gold TiN PVD Finish


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HGW Titan Slide for Glock 34 Gen 3, 9mm.  For install on Glock 34 Gen 3 lower, Glock 17 Gen 3 lower, Polymer80 standard/full size, or other compatible aftermarket.  HGW exclusive Titan 17-4 Stainless Steel Slide. 100% made in USA.  Support an excellent veteran owned company, working to be the absolute best.  This is our top of the line slide, starting with the most expensive slide blank common to the industry.

Fits G34 Gen 3 OEM.  For G17 Gen 3 builds (OEM, PF940 full size), a G34 Gen 3 barrel should be used.  For G19 length Gen 3 builds (OEM, PF940 compact, GSX100), a G34 Gen 5 barrel (also called 19XL) barrel should be used, as well as a dust cover adapter.  There are a couple of versions available.  For Lone Wolf frames and other Gen 4, a Gen 4 to Gen 3 slide adapter will be needed, otherwise the length rules and dust cover adapter rules for Lone Wolf follow the rules for G17 or G19, depending on what you choose to build your Titan G34 slide on.

HGW Titan Custom Lightening Cut Slide (made in the USA):

  • Gen 1-3 compatible, G19, 9mm
  • CNC Machined from U.S. 17-4 stainless steel
    • 17-4 steel is far more resilient to impact forces than 416ss, both are good, 17-4 is the best out there.
  • Gold TiN PVD Finish
  • The highest level of attention to machining and finishing detail of all of our product lines
  • Heat Treated
  • Top Ports
  • Side cutouts, front serration cutouts
  • Slanted front and rear serrations
  • Custom “sculpted-design” bull nose, inspired by our shop’s love for classic cars and trucks.
  • Sweeping undercut nose lightening the front end
  • Deep chamfered edge, fantastic for lightweight builds
  • Rear edges lightly radiused, good for sight plane focus, and enough smoothing for holstering
  • Excellent edge machining quality. Again, the finest out there.

No internal parts included. Fitting may be required.  You will find the fit very similar to Zev and Zaffiri slides.

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