Wilson Combat 940 Match Barrel for Glock 34 Gen 3/4, 5.32″ 9mm, Stainless – Oversized


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After several years in development by Wilson Combat Pistolsmiths these all-new, completely oversize barrels will turn even the most inaccurate Glock® pistol into a precision shooting machine!

Constructed of billet aerospace grade 416R stainless and oversize in all fitting dimensions-even the muzzle-these barrels when properly fitted, will shoot groups rivaling a 1911 handgun with a match grade, fully fitted barrel.

Designed for professional gunsmith installation, these barrels will require significant fitting to the barrel tube at the muzzle lockup area, all chamber hood contact surfaces and significant fitting to the lower locking lug. This barrel will not drop in to any firearm without significant fitting.

The Wilson Combat “Full Fit” Glock ® barrel is already completely chambered and finish crowned after being button rifled with a 1-16” twist that stabilizes all common bullet weights for superb all-around accuracy.

Wilson Combat® Match-Grade Pistol barrels are well known for their unsurpassed quality and accuracy and now you can experience a true, target fit in your Gen 3 or Gen 4 Glock ®.


  • Match-Grade – Superb Accuracy (2″ Or Less At 25 Yards With Good Ammo)
  • Polished feed ramp, bore and supported chamber
  • 1 in 16″ twist conventional broach rifling will accept lead, jacketed or plated bullets without fear of pressure spikes caused by polygonal rifling
  • Fully Machined From 416R Stainless Steel
  • Heat-Treated To R/C 40 For Maximum Service Life
  • Critical Manufacturing Tolerances Are Held To Less Than .0005″ (One Half Thousandth Of An Inch!)
  • Glass Smooth Chamber And Perfectly Concentric With The Bore
  • External chamber corners are chamfered to reduce friction.
  • In Our Barrel Test Fixture We Routinely Obtain ½” At 25 Yard Groups
  • Detailed Final Inspection Prior To Receiving The Wilson Name On The Hood
  • Critical Lock-Up Contact Areas Completely oversize for a perfect fit in all guns
  • The Glock® 17 and 34 Barrels are Compatible with Generation 3-4 Glock® pistols ONLY
  • The Glock® 19 and 26 Barrels are Compatible with Generation 3-4 and 5 Glock® Pistols


Fitting Instructions:

Before you start fitting the Wilson Combat Full-Fit Glock® barrel, be aware that once you remove material the barrel is no longer returnable. When fitting the hood width, length and locking block please go slowly. Once metal is removed it cannot be put back. Do not use a rotary tool or belt sander to fit this barrel.

  • Ensure your pistol is unloaded.  Remove the slide from the frame, remove factory barrel and recoil spring assembly and set aside.
  • Attempt to install the Wilson Combat Full-Fit Glock® barrel in the slide noting the exaggerated upward angle at the slide bore caused by oversize material at the top front radial surface (Area #1) of the barrel tube.
  • Using a lathe, remove material  from the radial surface (Area 1) of the barrel tube fitting area until the front of the barrel lays almost parallel with the slide.  Fit this area slowly a few thousandths at a time and check often. Only when the barrel tube is near parallel with slide can you can then fit the hood.
  • Start on the hood sides (Area 2) using a safe edge file or in a milling machine, trim the sides of the hood to exactly match the mating corner surfaces in the slide.  This will usually require removal of approximately .0015” of material. File or machine to a light drag fit.
  • Once the hood sides are properly fitted it is time to set the hood length (Area 3). To reduce the length of the rear of the hood, use a sharp fine cut file or cut in a milling machine at a slight downward angle towards the feedramp. This area may require up to .0025” removal of material for the barrel to seat completely into the slide.  This operation is critical and ideally the hood should be well mated to the slide at this point with a light drag fit.
  • At this time attempt reassembly of your pistol with recoil system in place.  If your slide will not go on the frame you will have to remove material from the lower locking lug area under the feedramp (Area 4).  Reduce the height of this area with a fine cut file or milling machine until the slide can be installed on the frame.
  • Once you have determined that barrel is a slight drag fit, polish all fitted contact areas with stones or varying grits of sandpaper/polishing sticks (180-320 grit) until the barrel drops in and out of battery easily from the slide and the pistol goes in and out of battery smoothly when assembled. You can mark contact surfaces with dykem or a sharpie marker to find high spots.
  • Your pistol will not function unless the barrel drops in and out of battery smoothly without all drag.  All internal/external barrel locking area edges should be lightly broken with stones or polishing sticks to reduce friction and reduce sharp corners. These light bevels should mimic the factory barrel. If your pistol is still sluggish in operation after full fitting,  it may indicate you need a new recoil spring assembly.


When finished, your “Full-Fit barrel should have zero play at the muzzle or at the hood but still glide into battery when you cycle the gun. This barrel has been designed so further chamber reaming is unnecessary in most guns.

At this time it is time for test fire.  If your slide operation is sluggish in operation it usually means you need more clearance added to your lower locking lug. Inspect all fitted areas for excessive wear or peening and polish high spots as needed.

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