Wolff 13191 Recoil Calibration Pak for Colt 1911 Longslide


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Wolff 1911 Gunsprings


Recoil Calibration Pak

For use in Colt 1911 Longslides with recoil spaces up to 3″.

Fitting is required so that maximum number of could are used without spring going solid when slide is in the full recoil position. Start with the heaviest spring.

This pak contains 1 each of the longslide recoil springs #1 thru #5 to allow complete customization of the recoil function.  Three extra power firing pin springs are also included.

Longslide modifications to 1911 pistols often require a longer than normal recoil spring. Wolff longslide recoil springs are designed for use in pistols with recoil spaces up to 3″ (when slide is in full recoil position). 5 different strength recoil springs are available denoted as #1 thru #5. Due to the custom nature of these modifications, no rating for these springs is possible. The #1 recoil spring is the strongest and #5 is the lightest. Fitting of these springs is required. Professional installation suggested.

HGW recommends that all alterations and instillations of gun parts be done by a qualified gunsmith for the highest level of safety and accuracy.

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