Wolff for BERETTA 92, 96, AND CENTURION Standard Trigger Conversion Unit 32371


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Wolff 32371

Trigger Conversion Unit for BERETTA 92, 96, AND CENTURION

This product was developed at the request of the then INS (Immigration and Naturalization Service), which was largest federal law enforcement agency in the country, to solve the problem of trigger spring breakage in their duty weapons.  After more than a year of development and tens of thousands of rounds of punishing testing by INS and Wolff Gunsprings, Wolff is pleased to make this available to everyone. This product is a must for law enforcement as well as the serious shooter.

This coil spring trigger return unit requires no modifications at all to the pistol other than the removal of the factory trigger spring.  The main benefit of this unit is the elimination of trigger spring breakage. Additional features include smoother trigger pulls and improved staging.  This units make an already fine pistol even better!

The components are custom manufactured for Wolff Gunsprings to exacting standards.  The coil spring of course is manufactured by us to our normal high standards.  The cam and pin are coated with Robar’s NP3® finish for improved lubricity.  Each unit is then hand assembled and inspected before delivery.

Will not function in Beretta 92A1 or any model 92/96 pistols with polymer triggers. Will not fit newer Taurus models due to design changes in these pistols.

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