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Will it fit flush?

Many of our customers like to carry with their firearm and are specifically looking for a flush fit magazine. We’ve listed some magazines below that have no base pads, bumper pads, or extended bases. These magazines have either a welded or removable flush fit base. Please note that this is not an all inclusive list. There are lots of flush fit magazines out there that may not be listed here. We’ve started the list with magazines we carry and will continue to add additional magazines over time.


Government / Full Size or Commander / Mid Size

  • Metalform 9mm 9rd Blue
  • Metalform 9mm 9rd Stainless
  • ACT-MAG .45ACP 7rd Stainless
  • Check-Mate CM45-7-S
  • Check-Mate CM45-7-B
  • Check-Mate CM45-7-S-H
  • Check-Mate CM45-7-B-H
  • Check-Mate CM45-7-S-GI
  • Check-Mate CM45-7-B-GI
  • Check-Mate CM45-7-S-CMF
  • Check-Mate CM45-7-B-CMF
  • Check-Mate CM45-7-B-H-CMF
  • Check-Mate CM45-7-S-H-CMF
  • Check-Mate CM45-8-B
  • Check-Mate CM45-8-S
  • Check-Mate CM45-8-B-H
  • Check-Mate CM45-8-S-H
  • Check-Mate CM9MM-9-S
  • Check-Mate CM10MM-8-S
  • Check-Mate CM38-S-9-S
  • Check-Mate CM40-9-S
  • Mec-Gar 1911 9mm 9 round Magazine Full Size Blue
  • Mec-Gar 1911 38 Super 9 round Magazine Full Size Blue

Compact / Officer

  • Metalform 9mm 8rd Blue
  • Metalform 9mm 8rd Stainless
  • ACT-MAG .45ACP 6rd Stainless
  • Check-Mate CM45-6C-B-H
  • Check-Mate CM45-6C-S-H
  • Check-Mate CM45-7C-B
  • Check-Mate CM45-7C-B-H
  • Check-Mate CM45-7C-S-H
  • Check-Mate CM9MM-7C-S
  • Mec-Gar 1911 40 S&W 7 round Magazine Compact / Officer Blue

Sub Compact

  • Check-Mate CM45-6SC-S-H

NON 1911

  • Check-Mate CM40-S-10 (Beretta 96)
  • Check-Mate CM9MM-B-10 (Beretta 92FS)
  • Mec-Gar Beretta 21 .25ACP 9rd High Cap Blue Magazine
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