HGW 1911 Composite Magazine Base Pad Medium 3/8″ with Black Stainless Screws – 2 sets


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Hooper Gun Works set out to recreate the classic Pachmayr 1911 magazine basepad, re-engineered to high end composite 3D printed applications, and re-spaced to support modern hole-drilling patterns.  If you know the old Pachmayr design, they had holes for DIY drill application.  Most OEMs these days use the 1/2″ hole spacing pattern, center-to-center.


  • 2 HGW Composite 1911 magazine basepads — Using Markforged 3D printed Onyx base
    • 3/8″ medium profile design
    • Ultra lightweight and engineered stiffness where needed
    • Just the right amount of texturing from 3D process, satin textured finish
  • 4 Black Stainless Steel Screws
    • 4-40 x 3/8, gauged for full thread size.  Some H/W stores undersize their zinc steel screws just enough to ruin your day.

Compatible with Kimber, Checkmate, Ed Brown, Wilson Combat 920 series, Chip McCormick, Metalform, and many other OEM 1911 magazines with welded baseplates and predrilled for 1/2″ hole spacing center-to-center, and 4-40 size screws (#1 Phillips head).  Note that our screws require cleanly tapped holes, and with good reason.  A #1 Phillips head does not really support enough torque to keep from stripping when screwing in self tapping screws.  Those who have been there before know this for sure.  All of our shops can benefit from a 4-40 tap laying around.

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