Nighthawk 1911 EVERLAST Recoil System, Nighthawk/Marvel, .45 ACP, Commander, In


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Nighthawk 1911 EVERLAST Recoil System, Nighthawk/Marvel, .45 ACP, Commander, Includes two recoil springs, one full length guide rod, and guide rod plug, Stainless

Nighthawk Custom is proud to introduce their latest collaboration with Bob Marvel, the Nighthawk/ Marvel Everlast Recoil System.

This revolutionary recoil system uses a flat wire recoil spring, special guide rod and plug that allows shooters to shoot a minimum of 15,000 rounds before the need to change recoil springs.

There are other benefits to changing to this recoil system as well. One of the key benefits is how it handles felt recoil. Normally when the gun is fired, and the slide starts to move rearward, the standard recoil spring continues to increase resistance until it is fully compressed. The spring in the new Nighthawk / Marvel Everlast Recoil System maintains a steady consistent resistance from the time the slide begins moving rearward all the way thru the cycle. The result is less pronounced muzzle flip. The more you shoot, the more you can appreciate what it does.

The guide rod may have to be trimmed in length to fit as needed.

*Normally a drop-in part for bushing barreled handguns

** Cone or Predator style barrels normally require fitting due to the need for a full shouldered reverse plug.

*Gunsmith fitting required.

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