Nighthawk 1911 Mag Well w/ Ball, Carbon, Fully Machined


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Nighthawk 1911 Mag Well w/ Ball, Carbon, Fully Machined

Nighthawk Custom’s FM Series magwells are precision machined from a solid 11L17 carbon steel billet, then hardened to resist wear from magazine changes. The tapered magazine funnel can be blended to seamlessly fit any standard 1911 and serves to guide your magazine home in high-stress, high-speed situations. Perfect for both competition and carry intended uses, the FM Series magwell reduces reload time when it matters most.

*Gunsmith fitting may be required


The Nighthawk Custom line of Fully Machined parts are designed to be the gold standard in the 1911 parts industry. All Fully Machined parts have been fully CNC machined from solid steel billets. They never use cast, metal injected moldings or polymer parts. In order to create the World’s Finest 1911s, only the best materials can be used. That is why you can trust Nighthawk Custom Fully Machined parts in your 1911.

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