Wilson Combat 1911 Custom Tune® Recoil Spring Kit, 1911 Full-Size 324G


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Wilson Combat 1911

Custom Tune® Spring Kit, 1911 Full-Size.

Comes in Wilson Combat Factory Packaging.

Custom-Tune Spring Kits contain the finest gun springs available, made from high tensile spring wire for reliable function, smooth operation, consistency and long life.

Full-Size / Government .45 ACP “Custom-Tune” Spring Kit Includes:

  • 10 lb. Reduced Power Recoil Spring – Lighter Spring For Light Practice Rounds, Heavy-Duty For Longer Life
  • 18 1/2 lb. Extra Power Recoil Spring – Increases Feeding Reliability When Shooting Factory Loads, Heavy-Duty For Longer Life
  • Reduced Power Mainspring (Hammer Spring) – Reduced Hammer Tension, Resulting In Easier Cycling And Up To 25% Reduced Trigger Pull
  • Extra Power Firing Pin Spring – Increased Firing Pin Tension For Longer Life And Enhanced Safety Should The Pistol Be Dropped

A properly tuned 1911 Auto is unquestionably the finest combat pistol in the world. The first step when tuning your pistol is replacing the stock springs with Wilson “Custom-Tune” Springs. These springs are produced from the finest high tensile spring steel, assuring a consistently smooth action, positive ignition, and proper timing. Once installed, your pistol will be “Custom-Tuned” for maximum reliability. 

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