Wilson Combat 1911 – Hammer Strut, Bullet Proof, Stainless 681S


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Wilson Combat 1911

Hammer Strut, Bullet Proof®, Stainless

The Bullet Proof® Hammer Strut has been designed to be the proper length and shape for the ideal 1911 trigger job.  EDM machined from hardened steel plate, this replacement part prevents interference with the sear spring and grip safety which could disrupt a fine trigger job. The strut is also slightly longer than a stock part with beveled bottom edges for a smoother feel during cycling.

  • EDM machined hardened steel construction
  • The proper length and shape for an ideal 1911 trigger job without sear spring or safety rubbing
  • Beveled strut bottom for smoother feel when cycling
  • Will drop into most guns (requires hammer strut pin removal)
  • 17-4 PH Stainless steel for a long service life

SKU: WC-681S

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