ZEV Glock Rear Sight Kit, Combat v3, Black


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ZEV designed their Target Style Combat Rear Sight to be used with one of the many front sights available for Glock factory replacement. They are an excellent and cost-effective upgrade to any GLOCK. Best suited to work in tandem with one of the ZEV front sights, the ZEV Combat Rear Sight gives shooters everything they need to upgrade sight picture and to shoot like the pros. The Target Style – Combat Rear Sight comes ready to install.

One of the most requested upgrades for a Glock is replacement sights; if you cant see it you cant hit it.
At ZEV we strive to create the best quality sights for most Glock models. The ZEV front sight is slimmer than a standard factory sight. The sight takes less time to install than it does to remove the factory front sight.

You will immediately notice the difference in your guns performance after installation:
The width of the sights is just enough to be seen but not enough to block vision down range.

  • A clean serrated post for a glare free sight picture .
  • Improved accuracy due to ease of target transition and acquisition.
    –Notch width of .140 & Notch Dept of .145 will allow you enough room to keep your eyes on target during transitions.
  • CNC-machined stainless steel construction.
  • Black DLC coated for hardness and resistance to wear.

ZEV Parts always incorporate design, feel and performance.
The front sight is held in place with a standard 1/4″ head machine screw like most Glock front sights, this allows the use of the same factory Glock tool for removal of the existing front.


1st-3rd Gen

  • Glock 17
  • Glock 17C
  • Glock 17L
  • Glock 19
  • Glock 19C
  • Glock 20
  • Glock 20C
  • Glock 20S
  • Glock 21
  • Glock 21C
  • Glock 21S
  • Glock 22
  • Glock 22C
  • Glock 23
  • Glock 23C
  • Glock 24
  • Glock 24C
  • Glock 26
  • Glock 27
  • Glock 29
  • Glock 29S
  • Glock 30

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