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Wilson Combat 1911

Competition Match Trigger, Long Pad.

The #1 trigger is the first aftermarket 1911 part that Wilson Combat brought to market almost 40 years ago and now we have completely revised this famous part for our customers.

This best-selling trigger has all the features necessary for a clean, crisp trigger pull and will drop right into most production 1911 handguns with little or no fitting and only minor final adjustment required.

The matte finished, three-hole serrated aluminum Pad is the ideal length for most shooters and has a drilled and tapped overtravel screw to allow for a minimum of backlash after the hammer falls.

The three-hole design is lighter in weight than most factory triggers and reduces the likelihood of trigger bounce which can cause “hammer follow” during operation that can damage your hammer and sear surfaces.

The hardened stainless steel bow is precisely blanked, finely polished and includes take-up tabs to adjust trigger pre-travel prior to sear release.

  • Matte finished, lightweight serrated aluminum pad with drilled and tapped overtravel screw for backlash adjustment.
  • Polished stainless steel bow with pre-travel adjustment tabs to adjust trigger take-up prior to hammer fall.
  • Precision machined and engineered part will drop in most factory 1911’s with little to no fitting required.


Some 1911 Trigger Installation Tips

Make sure the trigger moves inside the frame freely without any roughness.  You may need to file or polish the top and bottom of the trigger pad to fit some frames.

Make sure your frame’s trigger track is clean of debris and machining burrs.  You may have to polish the trigger track with a fine stone to ensure smooth operation.

Make sure you have adequate trigger pre-travel (A minimum of .040”) before the hammer drops. Too little trigger pre-travel prior to sear release will result in unsafe operation.

Make sure you have adequate trigger over travel. Remove screw with the supplied wrench and use thread locker prior to final adjustment to keep the overtravel screw from moving. Turn overtravel stop in until the pistol will not fire and then unscrew the overtravel stop a minimum of one turn.  Check for proper overtravel.   Too little overtravel will not allow your pistol to fire.

Make sure your magazines drop free after new trigger installation.  You may need to adjust the trigger bow if it is protruding in the magazine well.

Package Includes: Trigger, 6-32 x 5/16″ Set Screw, 1/16″ Allen Wrench

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