Wilson Combat 1911 Complete Pin Set, Stainless Full Size Kit 315S


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Wilson Combat 1911

Full Size, Government Pin Set, Stainless.

Comes in Wilson Combat Factory Packaging.

A set of all the pins necessary to construct, rebuild, or recondition a 1911 style Auto pistol. Manufactured of high grade steel and heat treated to the proper hardness. Complete Pin Set for 1911 Auto, Stainless. Fits: A thru O Pkg.


  • Link Pin
  • Sear Pin
  • Ejector Pin
  • Hammer Pin
  • Hammer Strut Pin
  • Mainspring Cap Pin
  • Mainspring Housing Pin Retainer
  • Plunger Pin
  • Safety Lock Plunger Pin
  • Mainspring Cap
  • Mainspring Housing Pin

SKU: WC-315S

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Wilson Combat

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