Wilson Combat 1911 Complete Spring Set, Commander 316C


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Wilson Combat 1911

Complete Spring Set, Commander.

Comes in Wilson Combat Factory Packaging.

This top quality complete spring set for a “Commander” style  4.25” 1911 contains every spring needed to complete or upgrade your pistol.  These heat treated music wire springs are the finest quality coil springs on the market and will provide you with exceptional service.  Extra Power recoil springs are rated for standard velocity and high-velocity loads and a reduced power hammer spring improves your trigger pull and reduce the force required to cycle the slide.

Note: The recoil spring in this set is only appropriate for “Commander” slide 1911 pistols with 4.25” barrels. This recoil spring is not appropriate for a Wilson or Kimber “Compact” pistols with 4” barrel length.

This spring kit contains the following springs:

  • P10C20 – Spring, Recoil, Comm, 20#
  • P26 – Extra Power Firing Pin Spring
  • P27 – Reduced Power Hammer Spring 18#
  • R15A – Mag Catch Spring
  • R29 – Sear Spring
  • R33PS – Plunger Tube Spring

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