Wilson Combat 1911 Firing Pin Stop 70S Square Bullet Proof Stainless 399S,70SQ


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Wilson Combat 1911

Firing Pin Stop, 70 Series, Square Bottom, Bullet Proof, Stainless.

Comes in Wilson Combat Factory Packaging.

Slightly oversize, this rugged, stainless steel firing pin stop will prevent excessive extractor movement and is left square on the bottom to help tune your slide’s recoil to your preference.  Use a small bevel on the face of the stop for heavier loads, more bevel if you tend to shoot lighter loads.

This part will require light fitting.  A fitted firing pin stop is a must for any 1911 spare parts kit.  Series 70 will fit all Wilson, USGI or Colt/Springfield/Kimber without a Series 80 style firing pin safety. Stainless finish.

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